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The USA soccer team unveiled their home jerseys a few weeks ago, and most reviews came back as bored. The home jerseys aren’t as boring, but they’re not very flashy. I don’t mind them, but I’d prefer the main color to be blue instead of red. It feels almost like a European jersey, like Russia or Slovakia.


Inside Report: The court for the Final Four was unveiled this week…Another helmet concept for Southern Miss…Here is the gear for Oregon and Indiana pro day…Bose will be the new logo on all NFL headsets next week…Very interesting article about 8 things in Madden that the NFL had EA Sports remove…The NCAA ruled that Baylor can’t wear their “Sic’Em Bears” uniforms during the tournament because it’s not a team name or mascot…The LA Kings will wear gold jerseys next season…The Chicago Wolves will wear green and orange jerseys for St. Patrick’s Day…Another interesting article, this time investigating how the World Cup ball this year flies through the air…The new Arena Football team, the Portland Thunder, unveiled their inaugural jerseys yesterday…Maryland will be joining the Big Ten next season, so now they have the B1G logo on their jerseys. Still seems weird to have them in the Big Ten…The Blackhawks will be wearing green jerseys during warmups on Sunday…A few patch items: The Omaha Storm Chasers will wear this patch this season, and the Dodgers and Diamondbacks will be opening their season in Australia, so they will have a patch on their hats and on their jerseys.


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Taste the Endorsement


Marshawn Lynch is a huge Skittles fan, and we all know it. First it was the Skittles cleats, now it’s a Skittles jersey. Dude loves himself some Skittles.

Inside Report: Well the LA Kiss finally unveiled their uniforms yesterday, and oh boy they’re brutal. So many flames, so little space! I really hope that the flame visor isn’t mandatory, or even allowed for that matter. The cheerleaders aren’t bad though!…The Fresno Grizzlies will be wearing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles jerseys this season…With Darren Sharper apparently on a raping spree, the NFL has finally stopped selling his jersey online. What took so long?…Texas Tech will also be using the mini camera on select helmets…New bat decals for the Las Vegas 51’s…Under Armour now has superhero cleats, which I assume no one can wear in any league so I’m not sure what the point is…Oklahoma Sooners participating in their Pro Day wore this gear…Nebraska baseball wore tequila sunrise throwbacks…Army has added “BEAT NAVY” on the inside collar of their football jerseys, which I hope is only for the Navy game but I like it…The Coyotes, who will soon be the Arizona Coyotes, leaked 2 new logos on this website…The Celtics and Bulls will be wearing St. Patrick’s day uniforms, which I love. I don’t really love the sleeves but oh well… Southern Miss will have gold and black facemasks with their new helmets.


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Fashion Statement of the Year

Yesterday I spotted this Chicago fan wearing not only a Bulls jersey, but also a Bears jersey as his undershirt. I don’t think I’ve ever seen quite a combo like this one before.

Inside Report: The Minnesota Twins will be wearing the 2014 All-Star Game patch on their jerseys and their hats this season…Here is what Kansas State players wore for their pro day…Clemson added a small camera to the helmet of their quarterback for spring practice, and a Tennessee running back wore a slightly larger camera as well…The Mets will wear a Ralph Kiner memorial patch this season…Southern Miss released two more possible helmet designs for next season…Bulls and White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf’s son David passed away last week, and the Bulls have began wearing a memorial patch in his honor…The Padres have a logo for Petco Park’s 10th anniversary…The Astros and Mariners will wear sweet 1979 throwbacks this season…Pretty funny gaffe by the creators of the Missouri Valley conference tournament champions shirt…Sweet decals for the Brewers visitor’s bat weights…Pretty cool story about a mix up with the Wolverhampton pro shop.

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Too Soon

There are plenty of dumb custom NFL jerseys that you see, sometimes random people’s last name, or something creative. This jersey might just take the cake. This is of course referencing Super Bowl XXV, where Scott Norwood missed the game winning field goal wide right.

Inside Report: The Detroit Red Wings retired the number of one of the best defenseman of all time last night, Nicklas Lidstrom. There were plenty of special tributes including: The entire team wore the number 5 jerseys during warmups, special pucks, mini banners for the fans, a sweet #5 carpet on the ice for the ceremony, and a huge hockey puck stage…Corey Crawford is having a bad couple weeks…The Birmingham Barons have new BP and alternate hats…The Nuggets will be wearing some sweet throwbacks…Awesome new luggage decals for the Mets…Johnny Manziel will be a Nike man…Texas A&M players wore this for their pro day…New bat knob decals for Cal baseball…A sweet possible new helmet for Army?…VCU released a bunch of new logos…Adidas released a new pair of really ugly cleats that are a cleat and sock comboHere are the jerseys for the MLB Futures Game…Another new helmet possibility for Southern Miss, and apparently they aren’t done yet…The Toronto Raptors unveiled their 20th season logo, and announced purple throwbacks for next season…Here is a rundown of all the uniforms being worn at the World Cup this summer…A bunch of MLB teams will be wearing green hats for St. Patrick’s Day.

Adidas had a huge unveiling for college basketball postseason uniforms. Here are each teams new uniforms:

Baylor: Yellow, Green(?), Shorts

Cincinnati: Black, White, Shorts, Shooting Shirt

Indiana: Crimson, Cream, Shorts

Kansas: Blue, White, Shorts

Louisville: White, Red, Shorts

Michigan: Blue, MaizeShorts

Notre Dame: BlackWhite, CollarShorts

Tennessee: Charcoal, Collar, Shorts

UCLA: Blue, White, Shorts

Wisconsin: Red, White, CollarShorts


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White Out at the World Cup

Well, these are certainly not the most exciting uniforms I’ve ever seen. They are a snoozefest, but they could be much worse. These will be used by both the men’s and women’s team.

Inside Report: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled their new uniforms yesterday, and I wrote an article breaking them down. An interesting article also came out yesterday saying Nike has some more plans ahead…Italy also released their uniforms yesterday, yeah I said uniforms, not “kits” (USA! USA!). Here is their home and away. Why did they use such a feminine shaped mannequin to show the jerseys?…The Portland Trailblazers are giving their fans a chance to design their new court design…Adam Jones has some sweet new bat knob decals, even though he stole my life motto: #StayHungryMascot drama!…Someone made a sweet gif showing every ball used at the World Cup since 1930.

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The New Buccaneers



After releasing their new huge logo two weeks ago, the Buccaneers unveiled their new uniforms today. They gave us a sneak peek of the away uniforms this morning, and released the full uniform moments ago. My first thought was that the NFL was sending the Bucs to the Arena Football League. I was wrong. The numbers look like a crappy digital clock, but look pretty cool up close, and the helmet logo is disturbingly large. I do like the nameplate font though. The right sleeve has the new ship logo, and the right sleeve has a BUCS wordmark. The pants are a bit boring, but I like them. I love the idea of using the old creamsicle orange with the newer red, but I’m just not sure how well the two colors mix, especially when it’s only the orange and pewter. Of course, it wouldn’t be a full uniform without some logo gloves! All in all, it’s not great, but it’s not horrible. I think it’s a little too much pewter, and I would like to see some red pants to balance it out. 

Just No

There’s so much wrong with this picture, I don’t even know where to begin. How about WHY ARE YOU WEARING THAT BACKWARDS?! But most importantly, a Melo Bulls jersey? Seriously? Go home.

Inside Report: Well LeBron’s mask got its own shirt, just in time for the NBA to force LeBron to wear a clear mask…Huge weekend for Allen Iverson, as the 76ers retired his number. The team wore a patch, and had a very slippery decal on the court. Philadelphia gave AI a nice cchampionship belt as well, and let fans take a picture with his banner, and the NBA is now selling his jersey with “The Answer” as the NOB. Finally, my favorite tribute was Marlon Byrd’s…SMU released a possible new helmet design for next season…Reebok has a new, very boring, logo! Wooooo…Joba Chamberlain has turned his Tommy John scar into a creepy but creative smiley face tattoo…These are the 2014 Masters tickets…How do you sleep when you’re as huge as Roy Hibbert? Like a king obviously…Arkansas baseball has new Friday throwbacks…New Mexico baseball will wear a Ralph Kiner patch this season…Love Syracuse? Wanna smell like them? Of course you do…The Las Vegas Wranglers wore Spiderman jerseys this weekend.


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